Inserted in both air and gas flow ducts, the VAP Pitot provides an accurate differential pressure output for precise air flow measurement
VAP Pitots have a unique Velocity Averaging and Parallel Plate proprietary design. When inserted in air flow ducts, VAP Pitots provide an accurate, differential pressure output allowing for precise air flow measurement or control of your process. VAP Pitots are designed for Superior Accuracy (SA) for clean air applications or plug resistant (PA) for heavy particulate-laden applications. The VAP Pitots can be installed in existing or new ducts or incorporated into flow-conditioning devices, such as the High Beta, designed for short duct run applications with turbulent air flow or to obtain optimal accuracy. The VAP Pitot can be manufactured out of Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel or PVC for accuracy in nearly any application.

Below are just a few of the many features and benefits of the VAP Insertion Pitot. If you have an application that you would like to discuss, please Contact Us today.



    VAP/PA (Particulate Applications)

    The VAP/PA Pitot is designed for particulate-laden applications. Can be placed in heavily particulate or condensate-laden environments while still measuring accurately and reliably without being prone to plugging problems.

    VAP/SA (Superior Accuracy)

    Ideally designed to provide accurate differential pressure outputs for precise air flow measurement in process applications, the VAP/SA is suitable for relatively clean process environments (such as clean flows or filtered gas streams), where high accuracy is required for measurement and control.
  • ACCURACY: Accuracy to within +/-2% and repeatability to within +/-0.1%, depending on upstream and downstream straight runs.
  • PARALLEL PLATE CROSS SECTIONAL DESIGN: Minimizes turbulence at the sensing ports, preventing particulate buildup and also designed for high turndown applications.
  • MULTIPLE DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE SENSING PORTS: Velocity averaging throughout the full traverse of the duct with multiple pitot array.
  • DURABLE MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION: Constructed from extruded 6063 series aluminum with a final process Teflon hard anodized coating, yielding a surface hardness of Rockwell 65C. Also available in Stainless Steel and PVC.
  • BASIC INSTALLATION: Each VAP/PA and VAP/SA Pitot probe can be inserted into the duct utilizing a pre-fabricated weld-on insertion port. When multiple probes are needed within the duct, the total and static sensing ports can be manifolded together.
  • NEGLIGIBLE PRESSURE LOSS: Due to the streamlined, narrow cross-section of the Parallel Plate Pitot design, the VAP/PA and VAP/SA will not restrict the airflow, therefore there will be minimal, if not negligible, pressure drop across the measurement area. Integrated temperature elements are available to further reduce in-duct obstructions.
  • IN DUCT SENSORS ARE PASSIVE: There are no active, electronic components or moving parts that are installed within the air stream, therefore eliminating maintenance costs and ensuring reliability.
  • ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS: Heated Pitots, High Velocities, Large duct installations (VAP/XL Pitots (Up to 240 inches)), and much more to meet customer-specific needs.