Onsite Technical Service is available around the world
Eastern Instruments employs a full-time service staff committed to ensuring that our customers have complete access to knowledgeable technicians who can answer questions and assisting in the proper maintenance, repair, installation or start-up of our systems. We offer a variety of start-up services that include on-site calibration and performance validation and equipment training. Post start-up, EI technicians and engineers are available to answer questions, assist with application inquiries, and, if needed, provide on-site maintenance or technical assistance.

For additional technical assistance, please see the TECHNICAL SUPPORT section of our website for copies of our documents and technical bulletins.


Onsite Technical Support is available for all of our solids flow meters, feeders and fillers
Eastern Instruments offers a wide array of onsite services for our solids flow meters, feeders and fillers. These services include onsite startup for new installations and technical support for existing installations. During startup our service technicians will ensure that the purchased equipment is installed correctly and will then perform calibrations to ensure the accuracy of the device. Our technicians will also train key personnel to ensure that the equipment will be properly maintained so that the equipment will last for years to come.


Onsite Technical Support is available for all of our air flow equipment including our pitots and flow conditioners
Eastern Instruments offers a variety of onsite services to complement our air flow measurement products as well. Startup services are available for all of our equipment and technical support is also available for existing installations. We are available prior to installation as well if you would like to have someone onsite to walk the ducts and to recommend suitable equipment for a particular location in your duct work. Give us a call and we can schedule something today!