Mildred R. Brandt


Staff Picture of Millie Brandt
Millie, as she is known to colleagues and customers alike, is co-founder of EI and has been Chief Executive since 1984. A graduate of North Carolina State University with a BA in Business Management, she draws on her career experiences in both the public and private sectors. Her unique background includes management roles in industrial and retail sales, employee recruitment and retention, corporate administration, manufacturing and transportation, and provides the basis for her general management oversight at EI. Millie is actively engaged in setting strategic direction for EI and in building the EI brand of engineered-to-order systems solutions in the food and process industries.

Robert O. Brandt, Jr. P.E.


Staff Picture of Robert Brandt
In an organization peopled by skilled and creative engineering personnel, Bob holds the lead scientific and technical role. Founder of Brandt Industries, and a co-founder of EI, he holds more than 40 patents and is responsible for innumerable unique design solutions in materials handling and flow measurement. His early interest in flow measurements began with a stint in a paper mill and continued as a project engineer working on operations instrumentation and design. This experience led him to start his first company, since sold, and to develop original processing methodologies for the confectionery and snack food industries. He is a recognized expert in flow measurement and an ardent student of new and emerging analytical technologies such as computational fluid dynamic modeling. He holds BS degrees in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University. Bob is a member of numerous engineering societies, an avid boater, an instrument-rated pilot and a high-performance driver.

James Seagraves


Staff Picture of James Seagraves
James is a veteran of solid and gas flow measuring process design with over 30 years of experience under his belt. A pioneer in the use and application of Solid Works and its integration with other software simulations, he is a recognized expert in flow-metering applications. He began his career in the design shop at Eastern Instruments in 1991 where he played a lead role in the development of the CentriFlow meter and High Beta. James has implemented many designs based on EI's patents. In addition, he coordinated the effort to establish EI's product and materials testing laboratory. Most recently, James made the shift from Engineering Manager to Senior Sales Engineer, where he focuses on both the CentriFlow and Air Flow Measurement product lines. While assisting Eastern's representatives and addressing customers' needs, he still maintains a strong influence in Eastern's engineering and marketing departments. James is a graduate of Brooklyn's Polytechnic University and holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering.

K. Ressie Cavenaugh


Staff Picture of Ressie Cavenaugh
During his thirty plus years with Eastern Instruments, Ressie has been responsible for developing nearly all of the Company's prototyping and manufacturing capability. His professional interests include Electronics Engineering, experimental design strategies and advanced project management techniques. He is a Certified SolidWorks Professional, CNC programmer, and implementer of EI's CAM software programs. Ressie is the direct interface with EI's machine and equipment vendors, and is responsible for identifying process equipment and putting it into use. He is also the customer support liaison for the Company and is responsible for managing customers' technical issues both in the office as well as in the field. Many of the projects that Ressie coordinates are proprietary to our clients and he is a key component of EI's continued success in the future.

Brad J. Biamont


Staff Picture of Brad Biamont
Brad is the Company's designs contact for client teams with special projects. His interest in the practical aspects of design combined with a passion for seeing concepts become reality make him an ideal choice for this interpretive role. Brad's interest and curiosity allow him to be equally at home in such differing venues as machine shops, foundries, petroleum refineries, industrial kitchens and bakeries and confectionery makers, as well as among the corporate engineering groups of Fortune 500 clients. His designs and supporting documentation have been the basis of numerous successful product launches for EI clients with food, petrochemical and agricultural businesses. He holds an AA degree in Applied Sciences from Cape Fear CC and is an accomplished SolidWorks practitioner.