Centriflow Solids Mass Flow Meter Technical Information
The CentriFlow Meter from Eastern Instruments is a Solid Particle Mass Flow Meter that is durable, accurate, maintenance-free, compact, and cost-effective. It is unique and positioned to replace weigh belts, impact meters, loss in weight meters, and static weigh scales, anywhere that accuracy, low maintenance, and zero drift are paramount.

Please see below for a variety of material test reports, videos and product application bulletins for applications in the industrial sector. From industrial powders to chemicals and engineered materials, the CentriFlow line of flow meters can measure your solids products accurately and effectively. If you do not see your particular product, contact us about our free product testing today.


Consumer Products

Engineered Materials

Glass and Ceramics

Industrial Powders

Mining Applications


The CentriFlow Meter can be used in the industrial market for a variety of applications ranging from measuring specific ingredients within a process to controlling the blend of the final product. The type of CentriFlow Meter, including the various options that are utilized will be determined by the product that you would like to measure. Whether measuring industrial powders, plastics, or the ingredients for a variety of the consumer goods available on the market today, there is a CentriFlow Meter that is just right for your application.

Please click on the rotating pictures or the links below for a variety of test reports and videos of the CentriFlow Meter measuring a variety of products in the Industrial Sector including industrial chemicals, consumer goods and more. If you don't see your product, don't worry. We have probably measured it before. Contact us today!


CentriFlow Mass Flow Meter Applications in the consumer goods industry
The manufacturing of many consumer goods such as laundry detergent, cat litter and oil absorbent materials require accurate flow measurement for both their proper manufacturing as well as their packaging. The CentriFlow Meter can measure any of the major ingredients as well as micro ingredients or even the finished products themselves.


CentriFlow Mass Flow Meter Applications in the engineered materials industry
Many products can be made from recycled materials ranging from carpet to engineered wood products. The CentriFlow Meter has assisted customers measuring a variety of products including carpet shreds, plastic bags, chipped plastic bottles and more.


CentriFlow Mass Flow Meter Applications in the Glass and Ceramics Industry
From measuring crushed glass and ceramics as ingredients in other processes, to the measurement of extremely abrasive silica or sand for the manufacture of glass products, the CentriFlow Meter will easily measure any solids product in the glass and ceramics industry.


CentriFlow Mass Flow Meter Applications in the Industrial powder and chemicals manufacturing Industry
The CentriFlow can be specially configured for the accurate measurement of a variety of dusty powders and chemicals including Calcium Carbonate, Ammonium Sulfate, powdered lime and more.


CentriFlow Mass Flow Meter Applications in the mining industry
The CentriFlow HDM meter has been installed for a variety of applications in the mining industry for measuring minerals and ore. The HDM meter is specially suited for large particles such as raw, unprocessed ore and mine tailings.