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Engineering is the heart of Eastern Instruments. From its beginning as a consulting firm to producing today's full-scale systems, EI has built a solid reputation solving complex air flow problems for customers in the process and power generation industries. Our VAP Pitots and High Beta flow conditioners, whether installed as a device or part of an EI-built process system, reflect our dedication to providing the best-engineered products possible for the customer's application to improve measurement accuracy and process performance.

CFD Model of air flow ductingCFD Model of various ductsCFD Model of a duct layout

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling to optimize ductwork and placement of air flow measurement devices

  • Thermo Fluid, Structural (including natural frequency and resonance), Dynamic, and Finite Element Analysis

  • 3-D Analysis and Process Modeling

  • Simulation of Flow: Liquids and Gases

  • Heat and Mass Transfer Analysis

  • Drying Analysis

  • Thermal Stratification / Mixing Modeling for air duct optimization

  • Documented traceability (Fan Certification - even for Large Fans)
CFD Model of a Cyclone BurnerCFD ModelCFD of airflow ductwork with elements