Centriflow<sup>®</sup> Solids Mass Flow Meter Technical Information
The CentriFlow® Meter from Eastern Instruments is a Solid Particle Mass Flow Meter that is durable, accurate, maintenance-free, compact, and cost-effective. It is unique and positioned to replace weigh belts, impact meters, loss in weight meters, and static weigh scales, anywhere that accuracy, low maintenance, and zero drift are paramount.

Please see below for a variety of material test reports, videos and product application bulletins for applications in the agricultural industry. From peas, beans and grains to fertilizers and soil additives, the CentriFlow line of flow meters can measure your solids products. If you do not see your particular product, contact us about our free product testing today.


Animal Feed Industry

Beans and Grains

Corn Processing



Soil Additives


The CentriFlow Meter can be used in the agricultural industry for a variety of applications ranging from the measurement of grains and pellets to make animal feed, to corn, beans or nuts as they are being processed as food stocks. The CentriFlow Meter has even been used in processes designed for the production of fertilizers and soil amendments. The type of CentriFlow Meter, including the various options that are utilized will be determined by the product that you would like to measure. Whether measuring powdered soil additives or whole corn, or anything in between, there is a CentriFlow Meter that is just right for your application.

Please click on the rotating pictures or the links below for a variety of test reports and videos of the CentriFlow Meter measuring a variety of products in the Agricultural Industry including corn, beans, grains, nuts, fertilizers and animal feed. If you don't see your product, don't worry. We have probably measured it before. Contact us today!


CentriFlow Mass Flow Meter Applications in the Animal Feed Industry
The Animal Feed Industry offers a variety of potential applications for the CentriFlow Meter including measuring the individual ingredients for manufacturing animal feed, or even measuring the flow of the finished pellet or crumble during the coating process to ensure a proper and even coating.


CentriFlow Mass Flow Meter Applications in the Bean and Grain Industry
The CentriFlow Meter will easily measure a variety of beans and grains. Whether measuring the product that is being emptied from or filled in to trucks or railcars, or measuring the product in-process, in order to fine tune the feed of product through an existing piece of equipment, the CentriFlow Meter is perfect for the task. The CentriFlow Meter can measure large particles such as whole beans as well as ground, milled and powdered products.


CentriFlow Mass Flow Meter Applications in the Corn Processing Industry
The CentriFlow can measure a variety of corn and corn related products including whole corn, as well as corn germ, corn dust and even corn starch.


CentriFlow Mass Flow Meter Applications in the Fertilizer Industry
The CentriFlow Meter will easily measure the individual ingredients that are used in the manufacture of fertilizers and soil amendments to ensure a consistent and uniform blend or batch. Often measured as well, is the finished, granular product, in order to load out-going trucks or railcars to ensure that they are neither under-filled or overfilled.


CentriFlow Mass Flow Meter Applications in the Nut Industry
The CentriFlow Meter will easily measure a variety of nuts in a variety of forms, including chopped, halved or even whole nuts. Whether measuring raw nuts entering into your process, or processed nuts as they enter into hammer mills or crushers, there is a CentriFlow right for your process.


CentriFlow Mass Flow Meter Applications in the Soil Additive Industry
Although many Soil Additives are powdery products that may not have high flowability ratings, the CentriFlow Meter has a variety of options that make measuring soil additives extremely simple and extremely accurate.