Centriflow<sup>�</sup> is a mass flow meter for measuring bulk solid materials continuously
The CentriFlow Meter from Eastern Instruments is a Solid Particle Mass Flow Meter that is durable, accurate, maintenance-free, compact, and cost-effective. It is unique and positioned to replace weigh belts, impact meters, loss in weight meters, and static weigh scales, anywhere that accuracy, low maintenance, and zero drift are paramount. Utilizing our patented CentriFlow Technology, the CentriFlow Meter offers accurate, cost-effective and simple solutions to your process measurement needs.

The CentriFlow Meter comes in a variety of unique and highly customizable configurations and models that allow the CentriFlow Meter to be used in virtually any application where accurate flow measurement is required.



For the ultimate in accuracy, the CentriFlow CFM is the meter of choice. With typical accuracies of within +/-0.25% for most flowable products, the CentriFlow CFM offers a variety of customizable features for flow surfaces and options for enhancing the flowability of difficult to measure products. The CentriFlow CFM can be used in the "open style" Type I orientation, or in the "enclosed style" Type II orientation, depending on your process.


CentriFlow Type I Meter for free flowing materials
The CentriFlow Type I Meter, just as all CentriFlow brand meters, is a mass flow meter designed for measuring bulk solids continuously within a process. The Type I Meter is perfect for measuring relatively free-flowing, larger particle materials such as granules, pellets or even chips or snack foods and is specifically designed to be installed directly after feed devices such as belts or vibratory conveyors.


CentriFlow Type II Meter for Dusty or powdery flow measurement
The CentriFlow Type II Meter is a bulk solids flow meter designed to measure both free-flowing as well as powdery materials that require enclosed systems. The Type II Meter features an enclosure that houses the meter and is designed to be installed directly after slide gates, rotary airlocks or screw conveyors.


For applications where an accuracy of +/-1.0% is acceptable the CentriFlow BWS is available. The CentriFlow BWS is a simplification of the CentriFlow CFM model which eliminates a variety of features and customizable options. The electronics is simplified as well and is mounted directly to the rear of the flow meter for easy accessibility. Due to the meter's simplified design, the CentriFlow BWS is a very economical solution for the mass flow measurement of granular or pelletized products such as grains, plastic pellets, feed pellets, etc.


CentriFlow BWS: Replaces weigh belts and impact meters as the economical choice for measuring free flowing materials like grains, beans or pellets
The CentriFlow BWS is a gravimetric in-line mass flow meter which measures flow based on the principle of centripetal force. The BWS will measure the flow of any grain or pellet continuously as it passes through the meter. The BWS' integrated electronics will deliver a 4-20 mA signal equivalent to flow.