Low Cost Alternative to Impact Flow Meters and Belt Scales

Centriflow<sup>�</sup> Family of Flow Meters
Eastern Instruments is excited to introduce the CentriFlow BWS, an economical, yet extremely accurate gravimetric in-line mass flow meter that positions itself as an alternative to impact flow meters and belt scales. The CentriFlow BWS measures product dynamically, meaning that it measures product while it is moving through your process. The BWS is perfect for measuring granular solids such as grains, pellets, beans, wood chips or even pet food as well as free-flowing granular powders such as sand.

The CentriFlow BWS can accurately measure flows ranging from around 2,000 lb/hr (907 kg/hr) up to 200,000 lb/hr (90,718 kg/hr).



Often, when considering a measurement system, especially when measuring less expensive products, flow meter cost can be a determining factor in the selection of a flow meter. Unfortunately, extremely accurate flow meters can be very expensive and conversely, meters such as Impact Flow Meters, that can be relatively inexpensive are typically not very accurate at all.

The CentriFlow BWS has redefined this dynamic by empowering customers with a choice that ensures both accuracy and economy. With an accuracy of better than +/- 2.00% on most flowable, granular products, the BWS is much more accurate than many alternative technologies. Maybe even more importantly, however, is that at half the cost of some of the highly accurate models, the CentriFlow BWS is a very economical choice in industrial weighing.

The accuracy of the CentriFlow BWS is a result of Eastern Instruments' patented CentriFlow design which is based on the principle of centripetal force. As product slides through the BWS flow meter, the product slides around a curved measurement pan which exerts a centripetal force on the curved surface. The meter accurately measures the deflection of the measurement pan as this centripetal force is exerted. Rather than impacting the measurement pan like an impact flow meter, product actually slides around the curved surface making it a much more accurate alternative.