Centrifeeder brand feeders allow flow measurement and control for continuous blending applcaitions or for batching applications
The CentriFeeder® line of feeders provides accurate, real-time flow measurement, as well as near perfect control of flow rate and total. For blending applications, control the flow rate of an individual ingredient, or combine several CentriFeeders for near perfect recipe control. If you are controlling ingredients entering a batching process, use the CentriFeeder for controlling the total of one or more ingredients entered into the batch. In either case, the outcome is an easily maintained and consistent flow rate that can be controlled, in some instances, over a 100:1 range.


CentriFeeder w/ Control Valve

Modular CentriFeeder w/ Control Valve



CentriFeeder metering and control device for free flowing granular materials
The CentriFeeder with Integrated Control Valve, or ICV, accurately measures and controls the flow of any dry, free‐flowing solid. Using a highly customizable touch screen HMI integrated with a low rpm, AC, Brushless Servo, a PID control loop is established to control the ICV (Slide Gate) feeding our patented CentriFlow Meter. The outcome is an easily maintained, consistent flow that can, under some conditions, be controlled over a 100:1 range for both batching and ratio‐control applications.

CentriFeeder Spec Sheet | Solids Catalog


CentriFlow Type II Meter for Dusty or powdery flow measurement
The CentriFeeder with Vibratory Control, or VIB, accurately measures and controls the flow of any product that can be transported via a vibratory conveyor. The CentriFeeder with VIB consists of a centripetal force based flow measurement device and an integrated vibratory conveyor. The flow signal from the flow measurement device is used to modulate the speed of the vibratory conveyor, thus controlling the flow of product.

CentriFeeder VIB Cut Sheet | CentriFlow Catalog


CentriFeeder Weigh Feeder for metering and control of free flowing granular materials
The CentriFeeder MCV integrates a flow measurement device with the flow control capabilities of an integrated slide gate to accurately measure and control the flow of any dry, free‐flowing solid that can be controlled using a slide gate. The MCV is perfect for low flows of material and is great for additive streams or for blending. The MCV works well as a single unit or as a multi-unit blending system.

CentriFeeder MCV Spec Sheet | Solids Catalog