A great engineering team has always been at the heart of Eastern Instruments' commitment to quality and ingenuity. EI has forged a solid reputation as innovators by solving complex problems for customers in a variety of industries. Our goal, through the seamless integration of flow measurement solutions into complex process systems, is to simplify and optimize process accuracy and performance.


Learn More About Railcar Filling

Railcar and Truck Filling
Accurately fill both railcars and trucks with nearly any product from granular pellets and grains to powders. The Railcar and Truck Loadout System enables you to program multiple compartment fills or to customize each fill as required.


Learn More About Recipe Blending Systems

Recipe Blending System
Every manufactured product with more than a single ingredient has a specific blend, or "recipe," that optimizes the features of that product. Utilizing the CentriFeeder device, our recipe-blending system can easily and accurately blend any number of individual ingredients together to ensure a perfectly blended end product every time.


Learn More About Batching

Bag Filling System
For easy and accurate bulk bag filling, utilize our bag filling system to increase your fill rates by reducing costly and time consuming overages and underages. Our bag filling system not only accurately fills bulk bags, but will also properly ratio multiple ingredients and properly mix the various products for highly accurate and consistent bulk bag fills every time.


Learn More About Energy Combustion

Biomass energy combustion optimization
The combustion of biomass into energy requires both a fuel source and enough air/oxygen to maintain a consistent burn. To optimize the combustion phase, the fuel-to-air ratio must be both accurate and sustainable. By combining flow measurement solutions from both our air flow and our solids flow measurement product lines, you can control and maintain the fuel-to-air ratio in order to optimize combustion which will, in turn, reduce cost and maximize energy production.


Learn More About Complete System Optimization

Complete System Optimization
No matter the end product of your process, every process has a running capacity that allows the system to run most efficiently and effectively. From the beginning of your process to the very last step, Eastern Instruments offers flow measurement solutions that enable you to optimize your process. Eastern Instruments' Complete System Optimization allows you to minimize costs due to rejected or reclaimed product and to monitor your process for changes in output that may signal errors or malfunctions upstream.