Mildred Brandt Predisdent of Eastern Instruments
Welcome to Eastern Instruments and thank you for visiting our website. Our company has been in business since 1984 and we have seen considerable growth and exciting changes in the industry since our business's inception. Eastern Instruments continues to excel in providing engineering solutions. For several decades, we have been expanding two patented technologies in solid and gas process measurement into manufacturing systems solutions. Customers in the food industry have entrusted us with solving their most demanding blending and flow-measurement problems. We have used similar technology for industries as diverse as the agricultural industry, the mining industry, the petrochemical industry and everything in between. More than 1000 of our CentriFlow meters are in daily use across the world. Meanwhile, our airflow measurement system, the High Beta, is installed in critical process applications for the pharmaceutical, chemical and power generation industries.

Our future, we know, will continue to be dependent on our continuing evolution from a consulting firm to a manufacturing facility who manufactures complete systems that provide critical solutions for the measurement of both solids and air flow. In the realm of prepared foods and confectionery products, we plan to introduce whole systems to help customers make their processes more accurate and productive. For airflow customers, our focus will be on process monitoring to enhance control of critical factors such as drying and pollution abatement.

We believe our website offers an opportunity to peek inside our exciting company and to collect useful and enlightening information regarding our range of products. We hope you find your visit informative and enjoyable, and we invite your comments on your experiences here.

Mildred R. Brandt

Mildred R. Brandt, President