Eastern Instruments offers a wide variety of testing services for both our air flow measurement as well as our solids flow measurement product lines that range in scope from product tests on individual meters to full scale system testing.


Eastern Instruments offers a wide variety of testing including systems testing

Full-scale testing is available for development and validation of process equipment that will be used in production. In addition to run-in testing of our systems, we offer proof of process testing for blending, mixing, drying and coating applications. This facility is also used for prototype development prior to design and construction of the full-scale production unit(s).


We have a variety of testing equipment so that we can simulate nearly any process for accurate measurement of your product

Our CentriFlow Meter test facility is stocked with a variety of feed devices from rotary valves and screw conveyors to vibratory conveyors and belts. Using these feed devices we are able to simulate a variety of "real life" scenarios in order to test your particular product at as close to your system's specifications as possible. After customers have sent in product for testing, we provide a Material Test Report documenting the meter's expected accuracy, as well as a video of the testing. If you would like us to test your product, contact us today!


Air Flow Validation can be accomplished using our AMCA-certified air flow test chamber

High Beta devices are tested in our AMCA-certified airflow chamber. The tests are to validate High Beta design and VAP pitot array performance under real and simulated conditions. Nearly all High Beta units are one-off's. This means that they have individual performance specifications that must be validated under laboratory conditions prior to installation. For larger High Beta units, such as those destined for electricity-generating power houses, we have the ability to send them to an outside laboratory capable of testing on this scale.