VAP Heated Pitot for accurate air flow measurement in ducts prone to extreme cold
Heated Pitots incorporate modifications to the original VAP Pitot that allow them to accurately measure, even in conditions where most pitots freeze or begin to function less than accurately. The standard VAP Pitot has a unique Velocity Averaging and Parallel Plate proprietary design that, when inserted into air flow ducts, provides an accurate differential pressure output that allows for precise air flow measurement and control of your process. The Heated Pitot utilizes this same VAP Pitot technology in order to deliver an extremely accurate differential pressure output, while expanding the traditional temperature ranges handled by the original pitot. The Heated Pitot, with integral heating system now allows accurate air flow measurement down to -22o F!



With over two decades of experience in measuring and profiling air flow for the Industrial Process Industry, Eastern Instruments has incorporated the DSV Duct Section VAP into a variety of industrial applications that span a wide array of industrial sectors. The DSV can be installed anywhere the VAP can be installed.


  • Cooling Applications
  • Ambient Air Flow Measurement in Cooler Climates
  • Stack Flow
  • Pill or Candy Coating
  • Combustion Air