Centriflow<sup>®</sup> is a mass flow meter for measuring bulk solid materials continuously
The CentriFlow Meter from Eastern Instruments is a Solid Particle Mass Flow Meter that is durable, accurate, maintenance-free, compact, and cost-effective. It is unique and positioned to replace weigh belts, impact meters, loss in weight meters, and static weigh scales, anywhere that accuracy, low maintenance, and zero drift are paramount. Utilizing the patented CentriFlow Technology, the CentriFlow Meter offers accurate, cost-effective and simple solutions to your process measurement needs.

All of the meters in the CentriFlow family of meters can be configured as a Type I Meter. The Type I Meter is an open style meter that can be installed directly after feed devices such as Vibratory Conveyors or Belt Conveyors for accurate and dependable flow measurement of virtually any product.


CentriFlow Type I Meter for the accurate flow measurement of granular products


The CentriFlow Type I Meter, just as all CentriFlow brand meters, is a gravimetric mass flow meter designed to measure bulk solids in process. The Type I Meter is designed to be installed directly after feed devices that move material in a horizontal direction such as belts or vibratory conveyors. Perfect for installation in new construction or retrofitted into existing processes, the CentriFlow Type I Meter has an exceptionally small vertical footprint that can, in certain installations, be under 20" in height. With a wide variety of flow surfaces and options, the Type I Meter can be optimized to measure nearly any product from highly abrasive industrial materials to delicate foods such as chips. The Type I Meter can be installed in two orientations that either enable product to continue flowing in the same direction or that reverses the direction of the flow of the product stream.


As seen in the below animation, a CentriFlow Meter positioned in the Reverse Flow orientation allows product to be redirected in the opposite direction from the feed device feeding the meter. This type of installation does not require a transition entering into the CentriFlow Meter and also takes up the least vertical space as it can be installed directly at the end of horizontally traveling feed devices such as belts or vibratory conveyors.


Product can also exit from the CentriFlow Meter in the same direction that it enters by installing the meter in the In-line Orientation. This type of installation typically does require a transition and will take up more vertical space than when installed in the Reverse Flow Orientation because of the transition. Oriented in this manner, the CentriFlow Meter allows the product stream to continue in the same direction and ensures the most delicate handling of product including chips and other snack foods.