Centrifeeder VIBbrand feeders allow flow measurement and vibratory control for continuous blending applications or for batching applications
The CentriFeeder line of feeders provides accurate, real-time flow measurement, as well as near perfect control of flow rate and total. For blending applications, control the flow rate of an individual ingredient, or combine several CentriFeeders for near perfect recipe control. If you are controlling ingredients entering a batching process, use the CentriFeeder for controlling the total of one or more ingredients entered into the batch.

The CentriFeeder with Integrated Vibratory Control accurately measures and controls the flow of any dry, free-flowing solid that can be transported via a vibratory conveyor. Through the use of a highly customizable touch screen HMI, a PID control loop is established that regulates the vibratory conveyor feeding our patented CentriFlow Meter. The outcome is an accurate, easily maintained, consistent flow that can be used for mixing, ratio control, or even recipe based blending.



The CentriFeeder VIB works by integrating the conveying abilities of a vibratory conveyor with the supreme measurement power of a CentriFlow Mass Flow Meter. Product is fed into the hopper which sits above the vibratory conveyor. This product can be fed continuously or in shorter increments for batching. The product feeds down through the vibratory conveyor and finally, down through the CentriFlow Meter which is positioned directly after the vibratory conveyor. As product passes through the CentriFlow Meter, both the flow rate and total are measured. This data is used by the CentriFeeder VIB's electronics which creates a PID control loop by using the flow rate and totalization information to control the speed of the vibratory conveyor. Again, the vibratory conveyor can be used to both control the flow rate and to control based on total. If a totalization set point is entered into the electronics, the vibratory conveyor will be told to shut off after the set point has been reached. The result is extremely accurate control of flow rate (for continuous operations) and total (for batching operations) for any product that can be conveyed via a vibratory conveyor.


ACCURACY: Exceptional +/-0.50% accuracy over a large turndown range

FLEXIBILITY: Can be used with any product that can be conveyed using a Vibratory Conveyor

CONSISTENCY: Smooths the signal of even the most pulsating flows

OPTIMIZATION: Customizable stands, sizes and flow enhancement devices available

EFFICIENCY: Replaces problematic weighers and feeders with a single multi-functioning device

SPEED: Dedicated controller allows for split second reaction time and start/stop capabilities

OPTIONS: Available with a variety of options including Food Grade