CENTRIFEEDER ICV: Integrated Control Valve

Centrifeeder brand feeders allow flow measurement and control for continuous blending applcaitions or for batching applications
The CentriFeeder with Integrated Control Valve, or ICV, accurately measures and controls the flow of any dry, free‐flowing solid. Using a highly customizable touch screen HMI integrated with a low rpm, AC, Brushless Servo, a PID control loop is established to control the ICV feeding our patented CentriFlow Meter. For precise measurement and control, an Integral Linear Position Sensor is used to regulate the blade’s position to within 1 part in 1000 (based on stroke). The blade’s movement can then be monitored via the CentriView Electronics, or read manually via the mechanical indicator on the exterior of the valve. For delicate products, the CentriFeeder with ICV is equipped with a Virtual Flow Stop function which stops flow with virtually no damage to your product. The outcome is an easily maintained, consistent flow that can, under some conditions, be controlled over a 100:1 range for both batching and ratio‐control applications.



ACCURACY: Exceptionally accurate over a large turndown range

ADAPTABILITY: Equipped with an integrated, low rpm, AC, Brushless Servo

PRECISION: An Integral Linear Position Sensor regulates blade position to within 1 part in 1000 (based on stroke)

CONSISTENCY: Control can be maintained over a 100:1 range

FUNCTIONALITY: A Virtual Flow Stop function stops flow with virtually no damage to your product

OPTIMIZATION: Customizable sizes, flow surfaces and flow enhancement devices allow complete system optimization

EFFICIENCY: Replaces problematic devices like weigh-belts with both flow measurement and flow control in a single unit

SPEED: Opens from closed start to a set point in as little as 1 second

FLEXIBILITY: Fluctuations in elasticity, density, shape or friction do not affect accuracy