Gravimetric solids flow measurement provides greater control and long term accuracy than alternatives such as volumetric scales and feeders, but not all gravimetric flow meters achieve the same level of accuracy and control. While both weigh belts and loss-in-weight feeders are gravimetric devices, they too are prone to error with even slight variations in particle size and density. The key to achieving the best results with a gravimetric solids measurement device is the proper presentation of material to the measurement surface in a way that maximizes measurement surface contact (for higher accuracy) and keeps the measurement surface filled (as a method of self-cleaning). Utilizing the patented CentriFlow Technology, Eastern Instruments' solids flow measurement product line offers accurate, cost-effective and simple solutions to your process measurement needs.


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CentriFlow Gravimetric mass flow meter for measuring solids in process
The CentriFlow Solid Particle Mass Flow Meter measures bulk solid materials continuously in a process. With an accuracy of 0.25% full scale and repeatability of 0.1%, it handles bulk densities from 1 lb/ft3 to 100 lb/ft3 and flow rates of 0.35 ft3/min to 60 ft3/min. The CentriFlow Meter can be used for mixing, blending, or ratio control applications in the petrochemical, agricultural, aggregate, food, and pharmaceutical industries. The CentriFlow Meter is unique and positioned to replace weigh belts, impact meters, loss-in-weight meters, and static weigh scales, where accuracy, low maintenance and zero drift are paramount. Solid construction, low maintenance, and a compact package allows the CentriFlow to be installed almost anywhere.


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Gravimetric Mass Flow Meter that also controls the flow of granular products
The CentriFeeder line of feeders contains a variety of feeders for accurately measuring and controlling the flow of materials. The flow can be controlled based on flow rate for continuous processes, or based on total for batching applications. The outcome is an easily maintained consistent flow that can, under some conditions, be controlled over a 100:1 range, for batching, ratio-control or for any application where a controlled flow is required. The CentriFeederTM is great for stand alone applications or can be linked together through a centralized, master HMI to control multiple products via a recipe entered into the master HMI.


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Gravimetric Fillers for accurate filling of boxes, bags, containers, gaylords or even trucks and railcars
The CentriFill series of systems is designed to quickly and accurately fill virtually any box, bag, package or container with flowable, granular solids. The CentriFill series of weigh fillers comes in a variety of customizable designs, from our Semi-Automatic Weigh Filler that allows for manual initiation of fills, to our fully Automatic Weigh Filler which utilizes a motion sensor activated conveyor system for fully automated fills. The CentriFill series of weigh fillers can accurately fill a variety of containers from primary packages to bulk bags.