Centriflow<sup>®</sup> Solids Mass Flow Meter Technical Information
The CentriFeeder® line of feeders provides accurate, real-time flow measurement, as well as near perfect control of flow rate and total. For blending applications, control the flow rate of an individual ingredient, or combine several CentriFeeders for near perfect recipe control. If you are controlling ingredients entering a batching process, use the CentriFeeder for controlling the total of one or more ingredients entered into the batch.

Please see below for additional information regarding the various applications for which the CentriFeeder ICV can be used. We have only listed a few of the applications below, but the CentriFeeder ICV can be used for nearly any application in which flow measurement and control are needed. Contact us today!



The CentriFeeder ICV is a highly customizable feeder that can be tailored to a variety of applications for nearly any granular product. Whether used for single products or used in unison for recipe based blending or batching, the CentriFeeder is perfect for nearly any application.


CentriFeeder for Flow Control

For simple and accurate measurement and control of a single product, a single CentriFeeder™ can be equipped with a standard electronics and HMI. This simple but effective setup can be used for a variety of applications including blending, batching and more.


CentriFeeder for Flow Control

For accurate measurement and control of multiple products, multiple CentriFeeder™ devices can be utilized, along with standard electronics and HMI programming working independently of one another. Multiple units can also be controlled via a single, Master HMI or other controller, for simple and precise control of a recipe based blend.


CentriFeeder for Filling applications

Using specially designed filling software, the CentriFeeder can be used to fill containers over 25 lb in size. The filling can be initiated manually via a push button or foot pedal, or it can be initiated automatically via a PLC or other controller.


CentriFeeder for bulk density measurement

The CentriFeeder has an optional bulk density output that can be transmitted by various communication protocols including Ethernet/IP. Utilizing patented CentriFlow® mass flow measurement technology which is based on the principal of Centripetal Force, a true mass flow measurement is obtained as the product stream passes over the Measurement Pan (no sampling is required). Meanwhile, the Integrated Control Valve, which is controlled to within 1 part in 1000 based on stroke, ensures that an extremely precise measurement of the volume of product is taken at the same time that the mass flow is being measured. The result is a highly accurate, dynamic bulk density measurement.