Centriflow<sup>®</sup> Solids Mass Flow Meter REMOTE Electronics
The CentriFlow® Meter from Eastern Instruments is a Solid Particle Mass Flow Meter that is durable, accurate, maintenance-free, compact, and cost-effective. It is unique and positioned to replace weigh belts, impact meters, loss in weight meters, and static weigh scales, anywhere that accuracy, low maintenance, and zero drift are paramount.

A set of remote electronics comes standard with every CentriFlow CFM, CFL, HDM and LDM model of solids flow meter. The electronics allows for a variety of functions including push button calibration as well as communication via a multitude of Internet protocols. Read below for additional information on the CentriFlow Remote Electronics.



The CentriFlow Digital Electronics is a remote electronics package that comes standard with every CFM, CFL, HDM and LDM model CentriFlow Meter. The standard electronics cable that comes with each meter measures 25 feet in length, but the length of the cable can be customized for installation in remote locations such as control rooms which can be several hundred feet from the meter's installation location. Below are some of the remote electronics package's features and benefits:

Main Run Screen Shot
Static Cal Screen Shot
Field Cal Screen Shot
Main Cal Screen Shot
  • White painted Carbon Steel Enclosure (12" x 14" x 8") SS NEMA 4X also available
  • Digital CentriFlow Electronics Module (DCE)
  • Flow Rate and Totalization Outputs: (4-20 mA and Frequency Outputs)
  • Remote Resent Capabilities
  • Flow Rate and Totalization Alarm/Preset Capabilities
  • Large, convenient, color, touch screen HMI
  • Main Run Page that displays both Flow Rate and Totalization simultaneously
  • Universal Power Supply (85-264 VAC)
  • Gigabyte compact flash card that records data every second for up to 1 year
  • User friendly, push button calibration
  • HMI On-screen plotting/trending and more!
  • Remote Communications Protocol Including Ethernet/IP and ProfiBus
  • 4-20 mA Filter that allows smoothing of the otherwise instantaneous output delivered by the meter
  • Multiple Calibration option for up to 8 distinct calibrations