The DSV allows for simple installation of velocity averaging VAP insertion pitots into any duct
Eastern Instruments' DSV - Duct Section VAP retains all of the air flow measurement features and capabilities of the VAP Pitot, while offering the additional feature of being exceedingly easy to order and install. The DSV is either a round or rectangular flanged section of duct that contains an array of VAP Pitots along with straightening vanes that help channel air flow through the flow measurement section of the DSV.

Below, you will find a list of just some of the features and benefits of the DSV, from easy insertion to the small footprint and short lead time.


  • ACCURACY: Utilizing VAP Pitot technology, the DSV offers superior accuracy in both the SA (clean air applications) and PA (particulate-laden applications) orientation for almost any installation.
  • DUCT SIZE: The DSV is offered for installations in ducts ranging from 4" to 36" in diameter (available in 2" increments). Square/Rectangular DSVs are specially made for any size duct.
  • MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION: The DSV can be manufactured from several materials, including 304 SS and 316 SS as well as 6061 Aluminum and Painted Carbon Steel. For gas flow measurement in harsh environments not suited for the metals mentioned, we also offer the PVC DSV which is composed entirely out of PVC.
  • PRESSURE RATING: The DSV is available in three distinct pressure ratings that extend from a low of 10 psig to a high of 150 psig with variable pressure ratings available for flanges.
  • ELEMENT SIZE: The DSV is typically 12" in length for both round installations and square/rectangular installations.
  • INSTALLATION: Because of the DSV's unique flanged spool section design, it can easily be bolted directly into new or existing duct work and can be up and running in hours.
  • LEAD TIME: Because of the off-the-shelf design of the DSV, it can be shipped in a relatively short time upon the receipt of an order, making the DSV an extremely easy and reliable tool to meet your air flow measurement needs.