Centrifeeder VIB brand feeders allow for flow measurement and vibratory control for continuous blending applications or for batching applications
The CentriFeeder line of feeders allow for both an accurate, real-time flow measurement, as well as near perfect control of flow rate and total. For blending applications, control the flow rate of an individual ingredient, or combine several CentriFeeders for near perfect recipe control. If you are controlling ingredients entering a batching process, use the CentriFeeder for controlling the total of one or more ingredients entered into the batch.

The CentriFeeder™ with Integrated Vibratory Control accurately measures and controls the flow of any dry, free‐flowing solid that can be transported via a vibratory conveyor. Through the use of a highly customizable touch screen HMI, a PID control loop is established that regulates the vibratory conveyor feeding our patented CentriFlow® Meter. The outcome is an accurate, easily maintained, consistent flow that can be used for mixing, ratio control or even recipe based blending.



The CentriFeeder VIB is a versatile device that can be tailored specifically for a variety of applications and installations. The range of applications that the CentriFeeder VIB is applicable for demands a variety of options. Some of our most popular and most frequently employed options are listed below.


CentriFlow Material of Construction
METER CASING: While the meter casing is typically constructed out of Aluminum, it can also be constructed from Stainless Steel for corrosive resistance as well as for Food Grade applications.

FLOW SURFACES: The flow surfaces of the meter, including the Pan and the Tangential/Throat are typically a welded, one-piece assembly which is perfect for food-grade applications. These flow surfaces can also be coated with a variety of coatings that amend the flowability of sluggish products or enhance the wear life of the feeder. For extreme wear protection, ceramic tiles can be used to line the various flow surfaces.

STANDS AND MOUNTS: The Structural frame and stand that integrates the parts of the CentriFeeder can be constructed out of either painted carbon steel or Stainless Steel for Food Grade applications.


Vibratory Conveyor System Solutions
Eastern Instruments’ Engineering Department works in conjunction with their customers to evaluate and review existing process systems to optimize performance and efficiency utilizing the CentriFeeder VIB® Feeder. The Structural frame and stand that integrates the Hopper, Vibratory Conveyor and CentriFlow Meter into a single, multi-functioning device, is highly customizable. It can be designed to fit into any process and can be as large or as small as your process requires.