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SOLIDS FLOW MEASUREMENTLearn More about our Solids Flow Measurement Product Line

Solids Flow Measurement

Our solids flow measurement product line includes solid-particle mass flow meters that can accurately measure a continuous flow of product for either batching or for continuous blending applications. With our CentriFeederTM you can also control your flow of product for more precise control of your process.

AIR FLOW MEASUREMENTLearn More about our Air Flow Measurement Product Line

Air Flow Measurement

Our air flow measurement product line includes the VAP Pitot which offers accurate air flow measurement in both clean air applications and in particulate-laden applications. VAP Pitots can be incorporated into spooled duct sections for easy installation or into the High Beta® Flow Conditioner for air flow measurement applications with virtually no straight duct runs.

SYSTEM SOLUTIONSLearn More about Integrated System Solutions

System Solutions for Integrated Sytem Optimization

Integrating products from both our solids flow measurement lines and our air flow measurement lines, Eastern Instruments offers complete system solutions for the optimization of your process. From bag-fill systems to air flow measurement integration, we can help.

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