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INDUSTRIAL AIR FLOWLearn More about the VAP3 airflow measurement solution.

VAP3 Pitot From industrial drying to dust control systems and more, the Eastern Instruments line of industrial air flow measurement devices can measure nearly any flow of air in nearly any industry. The industrial air flow product line includes insertion style pitots, spooled duct sections with integral pitots, as well as flow conditioning devices for applications where the proper upstream/downstream straight duct runs are not present.

POWER AIR FLOWPower Industry Air Flow Measurement

Power Air Flow Measurement For air flow measurement applications in the Power Industry, please click on the "Learn More" link to the right. Eastern Instruments' Power Air FLow product line can assist in controlling the air/fuel stock ratio during the combustion phase of power generation. Our air flow measurement devices have been utilized in a number of plants including Coal-Fired power plants, Waste-to-Energy plants, Green Energy Plants and many more.

SPECIALTY AIR FLOWLearn More about the VAP3 airflow measurement solution.

VAP3 Pitot For some applications in both the industrial and energy sectors, the conditions are too harsh or the environment is too unforgiving for standard air flow measurement devices. Eastern Instruments has designed some specialty air flow measurement devices that can make accurate air flow measurement a reality even in the harshest and most unforgiving conditions.

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